Review: The Walrus and The Carpenter, Seattle, WA

Seattle is well known for its excellent seafood, especially oysters. The brackish water in complex estuaries in the Pacific Northwest region, including Puget Sound and along the coast of British Columbia, forms a perfect oyster habitat and breeding ground. When it come to tasting these local bivalve mollusk varieties in Seattle, there is no better [...]
Breast Rolled With Shiso and Plum (Shiso Maki) Kushi - Ippuku, Berkeley, CA

Review: Japanese Yakitori Restaurant: Ippuku, Berkeley

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Gallery: Sushi Sam’s Edomata

Sushi Sam’s Edomata Check out a collection  of photos from Sushi Sam’s Edomata restaurant, San Mateo, CA.   Read the Bears’ thoughts on this restaurant at in this post. Location Info Address: 218 E 3rd Ave, San Mateo, CA Website:

Uni and Alaskan White King Salmon - Sushi SAM's EDOMATA

Review: Sushi Sam’s Edomata, San Mateo, CA

Here's one of our favourite sushi in South Bay area, San Francisco, California There are many sushi restaurants in San Francisco and the surroundings, however, most of them that we have been to are pretty mediocre. Sushi Sam's Edomata is our top choice for sushi in South Bay area. Last Friday, the Bears paid a visit [...]