Pack spare lithium batteries in carry-on bag

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Pack spare lithium batteries in carry-on bag

Take spare lithium batteries with you when you board a flight

The U.S Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) published a new rule for carriage of spare lithium batteries on board an aircraft.  To reduce the risk of fire, the spare batteries should not be packed into any checked luggage, including a carry-on bag that is checked at the gate before departure.

Lithium battery can overheat and even explode when short-circuit occurs.  This could happen when a conductor (coin, clip, jewelry, keys, etc.) touch both terminals and allow current to flow through.

The FAA document describes spare battery as

“lithium batteries not installed in a portable electronic device.”

For us travelers and photographers, this means the loose spare lithium batteries for your cameras, cell phones and other gadgets.  Take these batteries with you in your carry-on bag when you travel.  The terminal on each battery must be protected to prevent short-circuit.  You can pack battery in a plastic bag individually, in original retail packaging or put insulated electrical tape over the terminal.  I would recommend a clear plastic bag.  You can easily see the content inside and conveniently grab it when you need.

Just a few days ago, Alaska Airlines flight 17 from New Jersey to Seattle had to divert and emergency landing in Buffalo after a credit card reader started smoking and catching fire.  The airline found the card reader with melted battery after landing.



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